Our Vision is Alive – And Evolving

By Melissa Michaelson, Principal

Our visionary approach to education is one of the many reasons that Hillel Day School is unique.  We don’t stay in one place; rather, we are always seeking the next best version of ourselves while keeping true to our school’s mission.

Almost ten years ago we began a major shift in how Hillel Day School exists.  With a clear plan, over time, our school has transformed itself. The physical spaces most obviously attract the eye, but the real beauty happens within them.

As the principal, I have the privilege of seeing our vision come alive on a daily basis.  Although a teacher for 10 years, I now have the opportunity to enter into a learning studio, kikar, DaVinci studio, MakerSpace, and more, and act as an observer.  I feel the positive energy, celebrate moments of learning, and soak in the brilliance of young minds.  I watch vibrant teachers connect with curious students as they encourage them to problem solve and persevere. Every day, I have the chance to encounter the vast amount of real learning that takes place at our school.

I feel strongly that the education we provide at Hillel Day School is the right one. Our multifaceted curriculum embodies the depth of the Jewish soul, the kindness of one’s heart, and the power of effective communication. It defies siloing a single outcome, but rather integrates the skills our students need to succeed in life as Jewish human beings.

I, along with our team, will never stop envisioning the future.  We educate, we practice, we celebrate, and we learn from our mistakes. New initiatives become daily practice over time, and we evolve depending on the needs of our students now, and what we know they need for their future.

The future needs us.

For a better understanding of how our vision and philosophies become reality, join us at our upcoming Fireside Chats this winter and spring. Our first chat, “The Range” – What It Does and Doesn’t Mean, takes place on Wednesday, March 6, 2019, at 9:15 a.m., in front of our fireplace at Hillel. RSVP to mhernandez@hillelday.org.



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