It’s Full STEAMath Ahead at Hillel

By Joan Freedman, Director of Curriculum

Two years ago we invited our families to school for Pi Night, a wildly successful evening devoted to math in all its magic. So why expand to a full-fledged STEAM Event?

Because we feel our family programs should mirror our student learning! Just as STEAM education requires an intentional connection between at least two concepts and skills from Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math, so, too, do we want our family fun nights to involve several STEAM concepts. A bit of history: STEAM education came about 60+ years ago, in response to the growing realization that the United States needed to ramp up its technological innovations in the face of military and other advances in other countries.

Here at Hillel, our students are benefiting in many ways from STEAM integration, including:

  • Being exposed to the creative process
  • Collaborating in meaningful ways as they problem-solve
  • Thinking through problems systematically, applying information they’ve learned along the way
  • Engaging different parts of their brains
  • Using higher order thinking skills as they solve challenges in more creative, non-linear ways
  • Seeing how varied the arts are, and how they’re an integral part of the design of products
  • Creating meaning and artifacts as they demonstrate interconnectedness

We are celebrating National Puzzle Day on January 29 by having our own STEAMath Program on Wednesday, January 30. Together, we will explore many math and engineering concepts through hands-on, engaging activities for ages 4 and up. Our expert math teachers and our STEAM team have planned an exciting, stimulating event, and we hope you’ll be joining us! There will be algebraic activities, geometric games, sensational snacks, and a delicious dinner (for those who register)! There will even be a BINGO game for all participants, and a chance to win a raffle!

We look forward to seeing you on Jan. 30. Sign up here!


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