We deeply appreciate your generous donation to fill our school library with exciting books for our students.  In addition to helping the students of the school by expanding the books in the library, making a donation can also create a lasting memory of your generosity.  For every donation a book will be affixed with a beautiful label on the inside cover with your name, and up to three names that you choose to honor.

Examples of reasons to donate include:

  • To give someone a birthday gift by donating a book in his/her name.
  • To memorialize your child’s attendance in a school by having his/her name affixed in a book.
  • To honor the memory of a loved one by creating a lasting donation of books in his/her name.
  • To thank or appreciate an educator, or someone who loves learning.
  • To simply show your support to the current and future students of this great community.

Would you like to make a donation now?  Please consider making a monetary donation.

All other donations are at the discretion of the librarians and on a case-by-case basis. The librarians take special care in selecting books that are appropriate for the collection.

Many thanks,

Joan & Dana