Purim Blahhg

It is natural that all of us want our students to achieve at the highest level. Typically, everyone wants an A. We should all relax-it is perfectly fine for students to get a B!

Scripture supports this! The Torah explicitly starts with B-raisheet, In the B-ginning. The splitting of the sea, one of the greatest Torah stories ever, is in the portion of B-shalach. The menorah, the greatest Jewish symbol, is lovingly described where? In Parshat B-haalotcha. Coincidence? I think not; we all know there is nothing coincidental in the Torah. So, we should follow the lead of our illustrious tradition and happily settle for a B.

After all, as our namesake Hillel said, “If I am not for myself, who will B for me???”

Of course, we should let Bygones Be Bygones-as Hillel continues to transition into a reporting system that focuses on student learning and not on meaningless grades, this whole topic will soon go Bye-Bye.

Have a Beautiful Purim!

Mystery Purim Blahhger ☺

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  1. Dawn Straith says:


  2. Sally schulman says:

    Best Blog couldn’t B more to the point !!

  3. MAF says:

    Beautiful Blog!

    When I find myself in times of trouble / mother Mary comes to me / speaking words of wisdom / Let it B!

  4. Lori Rashty says:

    Beyond Brainy!

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