It’s That Simple! It’s That Profound!

linksKol Yisrael Arevim Zeh Bazeh – All Jews are responsible for one another. This tenet of Judaism can be found in Talmud (Shevuot 39a). It is an obligation to make sure each one in our community has his or her needs met. We cannot turn away from a fellow Jew who needs our help and support. Of course, we are not limited to caring only for our internal community. Our responsibility extends well beyond, “litaken et haolam” – to repair the world, which includes the universal concept of working towards justice and equity for all people!

But Kol Yisrael Arevim Zeh Bazeh is a profound reminder that we must ultimately rely on each other for our strong and vibrant Jewish community. That support comes in many ways. In Detroit, we have an extensive Federation system that encompasses many agencies that provide crucial services to our Jewish community, including to those who are most vulnerable. There are national and international Jewish agencies that help Jews throughout the world and support Israel. Our ability to help and support our people anywhere in the world is second to none! We should feel great pride that our networks reach beyond the Jewish community helping wherever the need arises.

Our responsibility also resides right here at Hillel.  Hillel is only as strong and as vibrant as the community and our parents are willing to help it to be.  With over 55 percent of our students on assistance, the Hillel Annual Fund is a critical funding source for our school.

Think about it – Many of our students are on tuition assistance. And yet, we have two teachers in every K through fourth grade classroom and often a second teacher in other classrooms. We have an extensive resource staff to help all learners – both those who need extra support and those who need enrichment. We have a 1:1 technology program in grades five through eight and iPads and laptops are available for our early childhood through fourth grade students at no cost to parents. We are able to provide small class sizes for your children and professional development opportunities and competitive compensation for the faculty and staff.  We have a robust athletics program and an ever-growing drama and music program, band being our most recent addition. And, we have just completed a most incredible renovation to our facility that has significantly enhanced the multi-faceted learning experiences for our children. All that for a tuition that is easily $10,000 lower than the “prestigious” local private schools – and we truly offer more!!

How is all this possible?  Kol Yisrael Arevim Zeh Bazeh – Because we are responsible for one another. Detroit Federation allocates over one million dollars per year (Including the Shiffman Family Fund). The Farber Family provided the funding for the renovations. An anonymous donor has been giving $500,000 per year for over seven years. A local, major foundation supports our technology program and made a transformative gift to address affordability. And dozens and dozens of current parents, past parents, grandparents and alumni give to the annual fund. If any one piece fell short – we would be unable to continue to provide all of these incredible educational opportunities to our 540 strong student body.

Tuition simply does not cover all that we offer and provide.  The Annual Fund must raise nearly one million dollars each year and it needs every single family to participate.  Participation is the key — at whatever “best” gift a family can afford. Even families on tuition assistance are encouraged to participate. Your participation acknowledges that we all have a responsibility to each other beyond our child’s own tuition. Together, Hillel can go from strength to strength for the sake of our children and our collective future. It is that simple. It is that profound!

Please make your gift by clicking here.

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